ENGRAVED MATERIALS DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE Choose the style and lettering that suits your project, giving the perfect first impression! Order yours with or without a beveled edge, your choice of borders, and various type styles. Contact us for options, prices and ordering information.
Engraved Materials We manufacture only the highest quality bricks and pavers, and we engrave your custom message for a lasting impression. Almost anything can be custom engraved for your unique project! We can produce for you: Pavers/Bricks for your unique landscaping / hardscaping project Various clip art images available specifically to your organization Custom Granite plaques Engraved Blue Stone Architectural Bricks - pathways, walls, etc. Custom Awards - almost anything you can imagine can be engraved! Engraving is conveniently handled at our East Coast facility in Central PA, or our Midwest plant near St. Louis, MO.

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