Custom Cast Plaques,

Architectural Letters, and
Custom Inlay Services


No sign medium presents a more prestigious image than cast bronze, brass or aluminum letters. Permanent and durable, cast metal letters display a distinctive professional identity and image. There's no more timeless way to create a lasting impression for memorials, donor recognition or as an incentive for fundraising purposes.


We supply the highest quality brass and bronze signage, lettering, plaques and

donor recognition trees. We have hundreds of type styles and stock designs to choose from, or we can create a custom design to suit your project’s unique needs.


Cast bronze and aluminum plaques are made by pouring molten metal into sand molds.

The casting process creates plaques with two levels of graphics — raised and recessed. A cast plaque is vandal resistant — the graphics cannot be removed, and the metal will not break. Durable for exterior installations, cast metal plaques withstand heat and bitter cold. Contact us to discover how easy it is to create your own custom cast metal plaque.


We are also your source for custom cast or cut bronze, aluminum or acrylic letters.


How to specify your Cast Metal Letters:

1. Material - Select Bronze, Aluminum or Brass

2. Letter Style - Select from 26 standard styles or specify custom

3. Cap height - Select from standard sizes or specify custom.

4. Finishes


  • Satin Bronze, Polished Bronze, Oxidized Bronze (Light, Medium or dark)
  • Chrome plated bronze
  • Patina on bronze


  • Satin Brass
  • Polished Brass


  • Satin Aluminum
  • Polished Aluminum

Baked Enamel Painted Colors

Satin Anodized

Color Anodized

Custom Finish (specify)


5. Copy/Text

Type your complete copy as it is to appear on the building/sign.

In addition to many lettering styles, we can custom cast virtually any logo or typeface.

Available in many finishes and sizes: Baked enamel, metal finished satin, patinas in many colors, anodized or polished. Custom created to your logo or design specs. Many standard lettering styles available.



Custom engraved metal plaques
Download the color brochure

Print your own color brochure with more information on how fundraising with engraved bricks might work for you.

Olde Mill Impressions also offers custom metal inlay services.

No matter what the medium is Olde Mill Impressions can manufacture your cast metal material and inlay it into various products. Whether it's no diving symbols or numbers/letters around your pool apron or a custom plaque that is mounted to a stone or granite, Olde Mill has the experience and capabilities to make your visions a reality.  Custom metal inlays always give you that defined edge and set you apart from the rest.

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